Monday, February 8, 2010

How to arrange the food in the refrigerator

The food preservation in the icebox is important to obtain the good state and conservation of his properties. For it, from this health blog we wonder how to arrange the food in the refrigerator. A key task so that the food has all his intact characteristics or that they do not deteriorate in excess.


On the one hand we have the freezer. There, it is suitable to label the food with the date of buy, to have a certain order and to avoid risks on having defrosted. Also, the defrosting must be done gradually, going on from the freezer to the icebox.

Another important aspect in the order of the food in the icebox is that of the milk, which must be placed in the top shelves of the refrigerator, since they are the most warm and allow to preserve better the milk and his derivatives. In an intermediate area of the icebox there must be located the drinks and the food that are of immediate consumption (in a pair of days).

A step below these there must be located the prepared plates and the made meals that keep in the icebox. Namely they have to be in the lowest and cold part of the refrigerator. For below his there will only stay the fruits, vegetables and vegetables, which will be located in the drawers for his best conservation, avoiding the moisture.

Finally, we can say that both the butters, and the open drinks or the sauces - type Ketchup, mayonnaise, etc - must be placed in the different compartments that the door has. In fact, all the refrigerators are prepared to arrange them this way.

On the other hand, the temperature of the refrigerator must be between 0 and 5ºC, to avoid the bacteria formation. Also, it is advisable not to place in the same shelf raw and cooked food and to wrap the food with a plastic movie to isolate them of the bacteria.

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